OH MY GODDESS - the movie
Reviewed in May, 2001 by Mark Vallen, Jeannine Thorpe, and John Lentini . Screen shots generously provided by John Lentini.

(Comments by Jeannine Thorpe) Life had been proceeding normally for Belldandy on Earth.... her Sisters were getting along, she and Keiichi were working on a new racing stunt together, though perhaps she was beginning to worry about the future of their relationship. But a series of strange events soon turns things upside down... an eternal seal that had been locked away on the moon was stolen, a new dark haired girl joins the auto club, and a voice from Belldandy's past, her teacher and mentor Celestine, suddenly reappears. Unable to communicate with Heaven, the three Goddesses must face this threat alone, but then even Belldandy's faith is tested when her memory is erased. And always at the heart of the matter, is the eternal question as to whether a Goddess and a mortal human can really be together.

Sometimes the creators of an anime go out of their way to listen to the fans and give them exactly what they want... and a perfect example of this is the Oh My Goddess Movie.
After having only a few OAV episodes and specials to tide them over for the past few
years, fans are soon going to learn that it was worth the wait. The improvements in animation over the past few years and loving attention of the artists make this film a true masterpiece. The cel animation is clean and amazingly detailed, and perfectly melded CGI effects make the Goddess' magic even more breathtaking. Several times I thought to myself
while watching this movie it that the animation and style rivalled CLAMP's masterworks
of film, X and the 2nd Card Captor movie.
This movie also has a darker feel than the OVA series... with many scenes occurring at dusk or at night, providing the opportunity for some
really fantastic shading effects.

Great music, intense drama, new characters, and a delight to behold visually, a fan couldn't ask for more. What pleased me the most about the film was, I and probably a lot of other fans, always wanted to see more of the Goddess' powers, where they came from, and what Heaven was like. This movie delivers exactly that, with flashbacks of the Goddesses growing up, events before they came to earth, and intense battle scenes where their powers are truly tested.

What I really loved was the visual depiction of the source of the Goddess' power, symbolized as "Spirit Goddesses" that float up behind them. There's a scene near the end of the film involving these "Spirit Goddesses" that is so beautiful, I cry from the sheer artistic majesty of it every time I watch it. It's not too often that I can say that about a motion picture, so take that as my thumbs up!

(Comments by Mark Vallen) This full length animated movie is a magnificent addition to the universe of Ah! My Goddess. Many times I've been disappointed by sequels, or movies that have been based upon a long treasured favorite... fortunately this film does NOT fall into that category. Goddess maintains all of the charm, romance, and sweetness of the original OAV series, which to this day remains one of my all-time favorite anime productions. From the opening frame to the last scene, the animation in this film dazzles, and even the most jaded person is sure to be impressed by the sheer artistry of it all.

This movie contains some of the most profoundly beautiful animation you can imagine, and its ending is guaranteed to hold you spellbound. While this is one beautiful movie, it's not the best introduction to the series. People unfamiliar with Ah! My Goddess will feel a bit confused about the characters and their motivations, and novices to the series should really view the original OAV before taking in this film. However, the many fans of the original animation will be enthralled with this elaborate production.

The video tape of the movie reviewed by the BLACK MOON was an original untranslated Japanese tape. Following the animated movie, a trailer on the tape focused on the Seiyuu (Voice Actors) who made up the cast of the film. It was a delight to see and hear these Actors talking about their experiences, however, the high point to the short was seeing the Voice Actors at various special events related to the opening of the Ah! My Goddess film. The film played to packed theatres in Japan, and the audiences were largely Adult, Male, and over 20... proving once again that anime is not "just for kids."

(Comments by John Lentini) For all those long time anime fans out there, who remember all the classic series, we present to you the Ah Megami-sama movie. For a lot of fans that were around for the Sailor Moon boom back in the early to mid 90s, you probably remember the fantastic five part OAV series that was the original Ah Megami-sama! Though the mini Goddesses were very amusing and extremely cute, it did not fill the void for another tale from the Ah Megami-sama storyline. For those of you who look for more manga in your anime, we have another surprise for you, as the fourth Goddess Peorth, has a signifigant role in this movie as well.

So not only do you get to see all your old favorite characters from the series... very nicely drawn I might add, like the entire movie of course, but everyone will be very glad to meet the lovely Peorth. So when you try to think of that old classic that time may have forgetten. Or even that well done storyline that you just wish there was a little more to it, please check out the Ah Megami-sama movie, and remember that the Goddess sometimes looks down and remembers us all who can still remember the past.

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